2012 New Honda Integra Review

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2012 Honda Integra purple and black 150x112 2012 New Honda Integra Review2012 New Honda Integra Review

This new model from Honda seems like a hybrid, between a motorcycle and a scooter. The characteristics of this Honda Integra are very similar to a scooter on the driving position, stowage space, windshield and the versatility of the urban driving.

But incorporates also some characteristics that we use to see on a motorbike the 17 inch wheels and the engine with two parallel cylinders, and like a motorbike the commands for speed and brakes are on the handlebar and not on the, as usual in scooters, on the feet.

The general look and design of the Honda Integra is based on the Honda VTR 1200 a pure motorcycle, the suspension also contribute to this look of motorcycle due to the 41 mm suspension tubes.

For a daily use on the city traffic the double gear is very useful giving the sensation that this Honda Integra has automatic gears, and you just need to accelerate and brake. These features contribute also to start calling to Honda Integra the perfect hybrid that put together the best of the two worlds, Scooter and motorcycles.

2012 Honda Integra is included at Honda new scooter concept, composed by three models with the same construction base but different uses. The three models are the maxi scooter, max trail and street use.

Thinking about this New Concept, Honda came out with the name Integra, trying to integrate on a common construction base three different models and different uses.

2012 honda integra engine 3d 2 400x297 2012 New Honda Integra ReviewDue to the Honda Integra versatility and easiness of driving, this scooter is ideal for those who want their first two wheels vehicle and do not feel comfortable with a pure motorcycle.

2012 Honda Integra can already be found in Europe, Canada and Japan (of course) and there is a possibility of being sold also in South America due to its hybrid features.

2012 Honda Integra has a soul of a motorbike inside the body of a scooter, and looking to this maxi scooter you always will think how to name it, it is my Scooter, my motorbike, or just my Integra…

2012 New Honda Integra Photos

Honda Integra 2012 Specification

Type Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve, SOHC parallel 2-cylinder
Displacement 670cm3
Bore x Stroke 73 x 80mm
Compression Ratio 10.7: 1
Max. Power Output 38.1kW/6.25min-1 (35.0kW/6,250min-1 – 95/1/EC)
Max. Torque 62Nm/4.75min-1 (60Nm/4,750min-1 – 95/1/EC)

Fuel System
Carburation PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Throttle Bore 36mm
Aircleaner 5.8
Fuel Tank Capacity 10.7: 1
Max. Power Output 14.1litres
Fuel Consumption 27.9km/l (3.579 L/100km (WMTC D-Mode) / 3.585 L/100km – (WMTC D-Mode)*)

Electrical System
Ignition System Computer-controlled digital transistorised with electronic advance
Ignition Timing 12° BTDC (idle) ~ 53.9° BTDC (6.600min-1)
Sparkplug Type IFR6G-11K
Starter Electric
Battery Capacity 12V/11AH
Headlight 212V, 60W x 1 (low)/55W x 1 (high)

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