2012 Sym MaxSYM 600 Review


sym maxsym 600 150x212 2012 Sym MaxSYM 600 Review2012 Sym MaxSYM 600 Review

Looking to the front of  Sym MaxSYM 600 settles a doubt in the mind, are we facing a maxi scooter or a motorcycle?

Well, this is a maxi scooter yes, and with some very interesting features, starting with the body design giving a very Hi Tec look allied with the aspect of comfort necessary for driving in and out of town.
The brand is committed to the drivers of their bikes and scooters. This commitment is transmitted through the promise of making an engine that lasts a lifetime – the Engine of Life.
This promise is present in the 2012 Sym MaxSYM 600 and includes five basic values ​​that the brand wants to convey and make part of this commitment to quality – Durability, Creativity, Humanity, Vibration and Affinity.

The durability, is the commitment that the driver has a scooter to last a lifetime; Creativity in modern design, dynamic and fluid lines, humanity is the commitment that Sym made a scooter for use and enjoyment of a human being, that feel the vibration of owning a scooter with these lines, feeling affinity with the model.

The 2012 Sym MaxSYM 600 has a style quite different from other maxi scooters and becomes irresistible to lovers of this type of motorcycle. And if we associate the style with engine power and braking system, then we have a complete set.

The braking system composed by Dual front disc brake and radial calipers give also a good sensation of security in braking. In terms of engine, is well equipped with a four cylinders engine with electronic injection and liquid cooling, normal in these more modern engines.

With all the commitments made by the brand, the 2012 Sym MaxSYM 600 is intended to a demanding target group that focuses on comfort, but also in the power and dynamism, combined with a very economical city driving.

Basically the 2012 Sym MaxSYM 600 is a larger version of Sym MaxSYM 400, equipped with a more powerful engine and braking system with ABS as standard.

However maintains all the features common to the family MaxSYM in terms of body design and overall aspect.

The ride comfort of the 2012 Sym MaxSYM 600, is given by a large saddle that gives us an excellent driving position.

In short, coupled with a powerful engine, we have an extremely comfortable driving position, taking up room for two occupants, a much larger storage capacity than the little sister Sym MaxSYM 400, and a modern design that will please even the most demanding customers.

Mount this maxi scooter will certainly be a great pleasure to those who will drive in city traffic or on long trips.

2012 Sym MaxSYM 600 Photos

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