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adly silver fox li2 400x300 Adly Silver Fox 50 Reviewblk adly 400x266 Adly Silver Fox 50 ReviewIn poverty raised , thrust in a existence of service in the ground-breaking underground movements. Later this man warrior turns his counter intelligence and research and destroy approaches toward less commendable pursuits. Theft, abduction and killing for hire. He could be the Silver Fox, or maybe Im thinking of Carlos the Jackal or maybe I’m merely confused at any rate Silver Fox ıs actually a really odd title for that 50cc device from Adly. Specially considering the fact that it looks a lot more such as a miniaturised, two-wheeled version of a 1990′s Usa muscle car with its ram air bonnet scoop designed frontal area.

Placing the unique name aside for just a moment I fired up the Adly Silver Fox it have just 4km to the clock, brand spanking new! As I motored down the street, I took my time to bed ınside brakes, and scrub the slippery gleam off the tyres. Once that was done and also the motor was warm I began putting the motorbike by means of its paces and quickly began to delight in myself.

adly silver fox rued 400x300 Adly Silver Fox 50 Reviewadly silver fox ld 400x300 Adly Silver Fox 50 ReviewThe initial factor I noticed was this scooters footprint. The wheels and attached tyres had been substantial! A lot of 50cc scooters have ten inch wheels, the Silver Fox has got 13 inches monsters, using the tyres becoming 130/60-13 front and rear. Getting this kind of rubber on a scooter helps make a key and noticeable distinction towards the handling. Braking and cornering performance is excellent, even so do be conscious that the much larger diameter wheel does mean direction change is some what slower. The Adly would be the most stable and predictable 50cc Ive ridden and is in reality far better than many bigger capacity machines. All through testing I managed to hit a fairly huge pothole during a quickly right-hand corner. This similar corner commonly unsettles most modest scooters. Normally ıt really is only other huge wheeled machines such since the Honda Dylan 150 that keep their composure. The Adly Fox is fighting effectively over its weight in terms of managing characteristics.

adly silver fox esc 150x112 Adly Silver Fox 50 Reviewadly silver fox guant1 150x112 Adly Silver Fox 50 Reviewadly silver fox hue 150x112 Adly Silver Fox 50 ReviewThe significant wheel offers it an additional benefit it raises the height of your riders giving higher visibility in visitors as the rider is able to see over the top of cars to determine what’s happening further ahead. The only problem with having the greater wheel and tyre combination is that some of your energy from the 50cc motor is used just to obtain the massive wheels shifting that sounds familiar major wheels retain on turning proud Adly keep on burnin. Anyway back on subject. This smaller engine shifting major wheels scenario signifies the bike is slightly slowly off the mark than would commonly be expected from a machine that does every thing as well as this 1 does. The shocks feel very well set up and firm, many scooters have hopelessly soft back shocks, but the Fox can deal with a pillion with ease. The brakes are agency and predicable with a hydraulic disc within the front plus a drum ınside rear. The brakes in addition have a high-stop light fitted to your back, which, along together with the scoots tall stature, generates it extremely visable to the street, often critical.

adly silver fox puni 150x200 Adly Silver Fox 50 Reviewadly silver fox pund 150x200 Adly Silver Fox 50 Reviewadly silver fox marc 150x112 Adly Silver Fox 50 ReviewOverall, if you’ll be able to see past the Silver Foxs past lifestyle of crime, murder and mayhem. The cost and excellent of this device generates it a really serious contender for your scooter-buying dollar. Also please bear in mind that the Silver Fox is sold in some locations with 10″ as opposed to the 13″ wheels and all managing will differ from the over review.

Manufacturer Specifications

Max power at shaft :  3.7hp @ 5500 RPM adly silver fox suel 400x300 Adly Silver Fox 50 Review
Engine Type : Single-cylinder 2 stroke
Cylinder Capacity : 49.26cc
Seat height : 762mm
Dry weight :  75kg
Fuel tank capacity : 6.2 liters
Starting : Electric & Kickstart
Transmission : CVT “Twist and Go” 
Cooling : Air Cooled
Front suspension : Telescopic forks
Rear suspension : Single sided
Front brake : Disc
Rear brake : Drum
Front wheel/tyre : 130/60-13″ 55Jadly silver fox 50 detalles 400x342 Adly Silver Fox 50 Review
Rear wheel/tyre : 130/60-13″ 55J
Length : 1730mm
Width : 380mm
Wheelbase : 1220mm
Max speed(km/hr) : 55 restricted 
Audible Indicator : yes – very good
Full helmet storage : yes
Glove box : yes
Fuel Guage : yes
Trip Meter : no
Seat release(via remote control) : no
Seat release(remote, ignition/switch) : no
Alarm : no

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  1. ken milsom Says:

    After trying and failing to replace the disc pads on the front.I have come to the conclusion that the design of the front brake housing is shocking.These are the worst brakes to service that I have ever come across.I do not recommend this bike for anyone.The adly is also prone to electrical faults and petrol feed faults.

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  15. Sam Says:

    where can I find a service manual for this scoot? Anyone have insight?

  16. Scotter Says:

    I need a service manual too. I have a contract at Vectrix, I’ll see what I can do. I need the latest 68mph update anyway.

  17. Scotter Says:

    Opps sorry I pasted in a message for another forum (vectrix).

    I just wanted to say great article, I’d love to see more like it, especially for the EV scooters.


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