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argo atv scooter 150x102 Argo ATV ScootersArgo ATV Motorbikes have the effect of producing fuel efficient scooters which can be entertaining to ride. Argo is mainly a manufacturer of all terrain autos. The company was created in 1962 and also in early days was generally known

as Ontario Drive and also Gear Limited. Argo is the top company of 6X6 and 8X8 ambition vehicles which will function in water as efficient as it does on the land. In the united states Argo is also responsible for sales and also distribution of Argo ATV Motorbikes.

Majorly the Argo ATV Motorbikes has 2 moped providing; Argo ATV 150-18 as well as the Argo ATV 150-2. Argo does not companies motor for these scooters rather it sources from some key motor manufacturers. Argo scooters arrive outfitted using either 150cc Linhai motor or a Yamaha motor. The fashionable and vintage styled body panels are produced with higher durability a polymer that keeps the scooter light keeping the effectiveness of traditional supplies. Both of the Argo scooters meet greatest security necessity as they come with disk brakes on the front and also rear. Argo scooters are U.S. prepared as they meet the EPA and also CARB emission requirements.

Just about every Argo ATV motorbikes, just before leaving assembly, are checked at twenty one unique factors based on security and also efficiency.
Let me take you through Argo exclusive attributes

* Exceptional Excellent Switches for longer life.

A switch on a moped is some thing that does not work properly ahead of the drive gets old. This can be resulting from its contact with water or snow.

* Intense shock absorbers

Many motorbike rides compromise on the riding comfortability. Argo arrives outfitted with heavy-duty telescoping shocks on the front to give a smooth ride.

* Argo ATV 150-18 meets the DOT necessity as it arrives outfitted with lightweight aluminum alloys
* Every body aspect is dipped in urethane that adds a protecting layer that saves the paint from scratches.
* Argo ATV 150-2 and also the Argo ATV 150-18 include beefy tires that grips effectively on the wet and also gets ideal traction on dry street.
* Indicator lighting is added using emergency flasher perform
* Instrument panel for superior readability.
* Guarantee of 1 year or 6,000 mile.

Argo ATV 150-18 is extra vintage designed and also reflects retro styling having a headlight mated on the handle bar. Argo ATV 150-2 is sportier ride with head lights mated on front panel supplied using Metallic Red, Silver and also Black colour. Each of the scooters are supplied with similar engine; 150 cc on the displacement. The just difference among the 2 will be the styling. The Argo ATV 150-2 has halogen lights and its curb weight is two lbs heavier than the Argo ATV 150-18.

Argo ATV Scooters Review

Engine Type : 4 stroke, over head camshaft, oil filter, oil pump circulation q
Displacement: 150 cc
Transmission : CVT Automatic
Horsepower : 8.5 hp
Start : Kick and electric
Suspension : Front- telescoping fork suspension, Rear- hydraulic damping rate spring
Top Speed : 55 mph+
Tires : 120/70-12 tires
Curb Weight : 227 lbs
Max Weight : 628 lbs
Carrying capacity : 401 lbs rider and the passenger
Seat to ground distance : 33”
Warranty : 1 year or 6,000 miles
Color : Black, metallic red and silver

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