2012 New Yamaha Tmax Tech Max Scooter

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01 05 2012 Yamaha Tmax White 150x110 2012 New Yamaha Tmax Tech Max Scooter 2012 Yamaha Tmax Tech Max Scooter
Yamaha Company has strived to be the leading manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters and with their recent release of the Yamaha TMAX Tech Max 2012 it is undisputable that it has inched closer to their aspirations of becoming top scooter manufacturers. The new scooter has an exceptional performance unmatched with the previous models. The scooter offers a good and a more stable handling. With the adjustable seat a rider enjoys a comfortable sitting position. The new windscreen provides protection as one cuts through the wind a health benefit of the new scooter over the other older models. Read the rest of this entry »

New 2012 KYMCO Xciting 400i Review

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2012 KYMCO Xciting 400i Right View 150x224 New 2012 KYMCO Xciting 400i Review New 2012 KYMCO Xciting 400i Review

Kymco is a Taiwanese brand with great experience in the segment of scooters from 50cc and 125cc and launched this year 2012 KYMCO Xciting 400i, a maxi scooter with a 400 cc engine with electronic injection and being lighter than those with motorization 500 cc, is ideal for drivers in urban circuit.

The 2012 KYMCO Xciting 400i is in that case a model that stands between the engines of 125cc and 500cc.

It keeps the image and overall design of the more powerful maxi scooter (the 500cc) with the difference that this one is more suitable for a target group of drivers who make an extra urban circuit, with more incidence of driving on the road.

The biggest difference compared to other models of the brand is its sportier look given by accessories such as the mirrors or the most dynamic lines and the combination of colors of the KYMCO Xciting 400i body.

With the fuel tank empty the KYMCO Xciting 400i weighs 193 kg, but having its engine with one cylinder and 399 cc Read the rest of this entry »

New 2012 Yamaha T-Max 530 Review

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yamaha tmax wallpaper 150x112 New 2012 Yamaha T Max 530 Review New 2012 Yamaha T-Max 530 Review

With the 2012 Yamaha T-Max 530 we could be facing one of the most sporting scooters ever made. With a power that you can compare to a bike, its 530 cc engine coupled with the new Yamaha’s belt transmission system and a lighter framework made of aluminum give this maxi scooter features of a motorcycle.
It has a very modern design with sporty lines and its power and speed are ideal for driving in traffic at rush hour. The driving position makes the driver of the 2012 Yamaha T-Max 530 feel very comfortable even on longer trips.
But the comparison with a bike is not made only by the power Read the rest of this entry »

Gilera Nexus 500 Review

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gilera nexus 500 l 400x289 Gilera Nexus 500 ReviewOf all of the scooters I have ridden I wanted to like that bicycle the most. Right up, the thought behind the Nexus is totally me. A sporty seeking scooter with good electrical power, something ıt is possible to ride long distance and around city. I’m also a major fanatic of Gileras motorbikes having owned several Runners through recent years. So here I am…I am practically pained to write those words. Actually Im not kidding. I would like I could truthfully gush on ın regards to the bicycle simply because I really wish to. Nevertheless we decided when we started this web site that wed be direct up so thats what I will be. Read the rest of this entry »

Gilera Fuoco 500 Review

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gilera fuoco 500 01 400x266 Gilera Fuoco 500 ReviewThe Gilera Fuoco is the massive father from the MP3 household. Confident it has the similar three wheeled front end ensuring substantial grip, and yes ıt’s that ıdentical polarising ımpact that the entire MP3 variety has on most who see it. But the Gilera takes the large daddy title with its aggressive praying-mantis-come-Tomb-Raider-ATV entry finish, and its greater and greater than the rest 492 cc twin spark engine.

But firstly model. I have right now have the Fuoco near on a month and ın excess of this time I’ve hardly ever talked about a single scooter as considerably. A quick run down to your outlets can turn out to be an hour lengthy journey as curios viewers gather all around to gaze more than the Fuoco, and after a Read the rest of this entry »

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