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Eton Beamer III Review

boomer iii 150x105 Eton Beamer IIIE-ton Motorbikes is really a maker of beginner’s ATVs, scooters and also utility karts. E-ton Beamer III is the subsequent technology moped produced having a 2 stroke motor. These Beamer III 2 stroke scooters are oil injected

so that there’s no hassle of merging oil with fuel. The drive is really enjoyable to deal with and proves to become an inexpensive mode of transport because it offers an estimate of seventy five miles per gallon. The E-ton Beamer III is hard on the highway and also uncomplicated on the pocket.

The 2 stoke motor is EPA approved, meets and also exceeds DOT rules.

Getting a 2 stoke engine, one of many key performance boosting component will be the pipe. E-ton Motorbikes are supplied using tuned exhaust system that requires probably the most out of the 2 stroke motor. Aside from the exceptional exhausts program the E-ton Beamer III include chrome wheels and also race front suspension.

Technical spec

Type : 2 cycle air cooled oil injected
Displacement : 49.3cc
Bore / Stroke : 40.0 x 39.2mm
Torque : 5.2N m
Estimated MPG : 65mpg/75mpg
Transmission : C.V.T. V-Belt
Suspension  Front : Telescopic Fork
Rear : Unit Swing Arm / Single Shock
Brakes Front : Hydraulic Disc
Rear : Mechanical Drum
GVWR : 530lbs.

Optional luggage box and windshield available
Available in Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black color styles

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