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50cc Scooter

New Honda Dio 11 400x300 Honda Dio 50Ten teaspoons is about adequate to 50cc of fuel and that is certainly all thats wanted to work a 50cc scooter. Not substantially, in reality that may be absolutely nothing in the present day planet of huge lattes, Major Macs, and ten litre V10 SUVs. But 50cc is all that is certainly essential: To operate, to school, on the shops. It generally confuses me why men and women struggle as a result of site visitors when the answer to their difficulty is effortlessly driving pass them using a millionth the gas.

11462558953499l 400x300 Honda Dio 50So what scooter to get? If you have never ridden a scooter just before, then a 50cc may be the ıdeal place to begin. For numerous, 50cc is all you may will need as long as you do not should trip to the open street.

So what 50cc scoot to get? When seeking into the unique types you may discover that you will discover more not known brand names of scooter than automobiles stuck in grid lock. All of them glimpse the exact same. But what get can differ considerably. A single from the scoots that has risen to your top from the Japanese fleet could be the Honda Dio. Theyve been designed for over 15 years, and they are a popular selection of tuners and hardcore 50cc/70cc racers across the globe. The Dio began off having a Horizontal motor, before changing to the present vertical set-up. The newer models have a fantastic very little entrance disk brake, though earlier and minimal spec types have drums that are woefully poor.

6548151 4 400x300 Honda Dio 50Why a Dio around other 50cc scoots? The Dio has a proven track record as very long as you fill the small two stroke oil reserve it will just retain heading. Honda motors are renowned for heading and planning, and the Dio motor is a person with the simplest Honda motors ıt is possible to purchase safe bet; I say.

The Dio has excellent storage, and can hold a full face helmet and gloves ınside the safe, underneath seat storage. There may be also a bag hook, and little open glove box. Its smaller adequate to park any where, and also the size also helps when it comes to pushing pass queues of rush hour gasoline guzzlers. Vehicle wing mirrors have to be virtually touching to stop the minor Dio slipping by means of for the entrance ın the visitors queue.

HONDA DIO 50 400x300 Honda Dio 50But the Dio is not ıdeal the standard back shock is, properly… a pogo stick. It is not to difficult for the typical European men to bottom out the shock as a element of regular driving. If you own a older 50cc scoot with the standard rear shock, you need to look at upgrading it, you won’t regret it. The design pictured has had rear shock upgraded, as nicely as couple of other induction modifications.

The ten inch wheel whilst keeping the rolling weight down, can cause the scoot to become unsettled when cornering and huge pot holes could be really jarring.

6548151 1 400x300 Honda Dio 50Sitting over the Dio, the controls are uncomplicated and uncomplicated to read. The speedo reads to a max pace of 60kph, plus the Dio can get there with a flat street, no difficulties. The seat is extended and flat permitting a wide range of riders to sit comfortably around the scooter, but there exists no pegs, or handles for a pillion voyager which is great as the usual rear shock would not cope very nicely.

fdf8717030854e399f258f5fefc80cc3 400x326 Honda Dio 50The Hondas physique perform produced of plastic and while ıt’s mild it does possess a down aspect. Rattles at idle about the tested product there was very a bit of vibration this might have been due to wear to the engine mounts, but it surely does appear to a prevalent characteristic of several Japanese 50cc bikes. Some could possibly uncover this bothersome, however it doesn’t take very long to forget about it if you’re riding it on the day-to-day basis.

Low-cost – But is it? The cash outlay with a 2nd hand Honda Dio is extremely minimal for almost everyone. Hence high number you’ll see parked out side the local university. But what you get is good worth. It is a solid scooter that can get you all around town, swiftly, reliably and with minimum cost.

honda dio chassis 400x271 Honda Dio 50If you are ın search of a ınexpensive, mild, simple to experience very little run all around, that does not force you for the side with the highway as a result of its lack of speed then you must surely search at a second hand Honda Dio. A single from the great Japanese 50cc scoots approximately.

Manufacturer Specifications

0-50km/h    12.6 Seconds
Fuel Economy  2.8L/100kms – 84MPG

Max power at shaft : 3.6 KW (5.6 HP) @ 6500 RPM
Max torque : 0.68kgm at 5500 rpm
Engine Type : Single-cylinder 2 stroke
Cylinder Capacity : 49cc
Seat height : 720mm
Dry weight : 64kg
Kerb weight : 69kg
Fuel tank capacity : 4.2 liters
Starting : Electric & Kickstart
Transmission : CVT “Twist and Go”
Cooling : Force air cooled
Bore X stroke : 39.0 x 41.4 mm
Compression ratio : 7.0
Chassis : Steel Tube
Front suspension : Hydraulic fork
Rear suspension : Unit swingarm
Front brake : Disc on certain models
Rear brake : Drum
Front wheel/tyre : 90/90-10″ 50J
Rear wheel/tyre : 90/90-10″ 50J
Length : 1660mm
Width : 630mm
Wheelbase : 1175mm
Max speed(km/hr) : 55km (restricted)
Audible Indicator : yes
Full helmet storage : yes
Glove box : yes (open)
Fuel Guage : yes
Trip Meter : no
Seat release(via remote control) : no
Seat release(remote, ignition/switch) : no
Alarm : no

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