Honda Scoopy 110 cc Retro Styliest 2011

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Honda Scoopy 110 cc Retro STYLIEST 2011

Modifikasi Honda Scoopy 110 cc bergaya retro 2011 150x75 Honda Scoopy 110 cc Retro Styliest 2011Automatically merely, Honda Scoopy Retro appearance has been created vigorously. At present, Honda scooter was currently modified. Indeed, the results usually are not extreme. Nevertheless, what exactly is accomplished by the three modifiers, each and every from Depok and Jakarta, created Scoopy develop into increasingly elegant look, plus some even special.

Let’s appear

in the work of Depok Fadis Nofal. About the front shield is attached a type of plastic material or swarovski crystal with silver and gold colour. Interestingly, at evening, it gets swarovski reflection of light from the LED on the best from the headlamp shell.

Views turn into extra retro classics with all the further sepatbor ornament about the front, side and back, including orders along with a gold logo about the front and back wheels.

A further claim results from JJ Airbrush Jaedun Mukhtar, Jakarta. Although minimalist, having a spray gun motif make the appearance Scoopy satisfying. The effect that was strong yet again with ornaments sweetener, from front to back.

Let’s look at the regular muffler protector, this section switch motif with translucent version. Seat was remodeled to be shortest and satisfying inside the presence of added iron basket.

Yet another originality, both wheels bolt replaced having a version of the fingers so that further reinforce the vintage look. Then, underneath the tip of the front seat you will discover variants within the lattice wind. Extremely fairly sweet!

Diverse once more arable modifier Lipurnomo Johnny, owner of Custom World (CW). He attempted to experiment with playing inside the foot-feet and also the installing of device versions in order that, when membesutnya, and also content aja.

Rear wheels working with a wheel Rotara size of 5 x 14 ins. To teromolnya, in accordance with Johnny, exactly the same element Honda BEAT or Honda Vario. Width five ins will be the optimum size without rewind wheel axis. In addition, there are also special and caliper cover headlights as well as a hood wearing sein.

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